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  • By scheduling the polygraph exam, you affirm that the examinee is physically and mentally fit and agrees to fully cooperate with the examination without resorting to any deceptive techniques or tactics.

  • Examinees are required to refrain from using drugs or alcohol before the exam.

  • The polygraph exam utilizes both the traditional polygraph and an eye tracker via a computer.

  • Examinees wearing eyeglasses must bring them on the day of the exam. If contact lenses are used, please wear them.

  • Examinees should avoid excessive fake eyelash extensions to prevent false positives with the eye tracker.

  • Using countermeasures during the exam is strictly prohibited. It will result in a test failure.

  • The polygraph determines credibility through various physiological measurements, and the Eye Tracker provides additional data.

  • The examination is conducted entirely through a computer interface, with the examinee connected to both the polygraph instrument and the eye-detection lie detector simultaneously.

  • Examinees must be able to read the questions and hear questions presented on the computer screen and audibly during the test.

  • Examinees concerned about high blood pressure or other factors can choose not to be connected to the polygraph and only utilize the eye detection component of the examination.

  • The results of the exam will be emailed via a report to the examinee and authorized individuals by the end of the business day.

  • The polygraph computer applications (A.I.) determine credibility based on physiological responses.

  • Examinees can opt for a second test if they question the accuracy, but they will need to pay an additional exam fee.

  • Only the examinee is allowed in the office on the day of the test. Nearby coffee shops, retail stores, and establishments are available for the examinee to visit.

  • Testing accuracy may be compromised when subjective topics influenced by individual sentiments, preferences, or judgments are involved.

  • Polygraph tests are most effective when focused on past occurrences or conduct.

  • The combined accuracy of the polygraph and EyeDetect is 92%, while the EyeDetect alone has an accuracy of 88%.

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