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Quickly Establish Innocence or Guilt > Verify the Truth

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Threatened by legal action, people may lie to avoid the consequences.

Why Use Lie Detector?

Private investigators, attorneys and police departments use EyeDetect for:

  • Client and case control

  • Unbiased verification of guilt or innocence

  • Cases lacking physical evidence

  • When a client is unsuitable for polygraph

  • When investigation results need a 97-99% outcome confidence

Accurate information helps make informed decisions.

With EyeDetect, quickly find the truth about a person’s past acts. The human mind keeps a record of illegal activity, and EyeDetect can expose it.

EyeDetect is unbiased and standardized. Everyone is treated fairly. Tests are objectively scored by computer. Accuracy has been lab-tested at 88%.

Use EyeDetect if the examinee is unsuitable for polygraph Or, if polygraph is required, use EyeDetect+ — the world’s first automated polygraph.

Combine EyeDetect with an independent polygraph examination to get a 97-99% outcome confidence. It’s a better argument than either solution alone.


  • Higher confidence in outcome for cases

  • Tests can be administered with basic training

  • New service offering for attorneys and PI’s

  • Tests available in any of 50 languages

  • Test adolescents as young as 11 years old

Test Topics Cover the Range of Illegal Activities

  • Drugs

  • Burglary

  • Sexual assault

  • Domestic violence

  • Murder

Investigative tests take 15 to 30 minutes. Test reports and results are ready in 5 minutes. Because the tests are automated, examiners can practice safe distancing in times of pandemic.

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