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What You Need to Know About Polygraph Services

Polygraph services, commonly known as lie detector tests, are a tool used by various organizations and individuals to determine whether someone is telling the truth. These tests can be helpful in various situations, from pre-employment screenings, and infidelity to criminal investigations. This blog post will look closely at what you need to know about polygraph services and how they work.

What is a Polygraph Test?

A polygraph test is an examination that uses various sensors to measure physiological responses in the body. The test typically measures changes in pupils, eyes, heart rate, breathing, and sweat production.

These sensors are attached to the tested individual, who is then asked series of questions while the examiner monitors the readings. Based on the changes in the individual's physiological responses, the computer polygraph can detect up to 91% if the person is lying.

Who Uses Polygraph Services?

Polygraph services are used by a range of organizations and individuals for various purposes. Some of the most common users of polygraph services include:

  • Law enforcement agencies: Polygraph tests are often used in criminal investigations to determine whether a suspect is telling the truth.

  • Private investigators: Private investigators may use polygraph services to gather information or evidence in civil cases.

  • Government agencies: Some government agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, use polygraph tests as part of their screening process for new employees.

  • Employers: Some employers use polygraph tests as part of their pre-employment screening process.

  • Individuals: Some individuals may use polygraph services for personal reasons, such as to resolve disputes or to clear their name in a public setting. Some choose to use a polygraph for situations such as relationships.



Polygraph services can be a valuable tool in a range of situations, from criminal investigations to pre-employment screenings.

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