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Infidelity Test: Is your spouse cheating?



A standardized BASIC INFEDILITY (Basic "Cheater" Test starts at $400. Customized tests involving specific question and/or incident can cost as much as $500+, depending on the complexity.

The infidelity test is standardized and asks about physical sexual contact with others. It does not ask about flirting or about specific people by name. If that is needed, a customized test is required; those cost more (see below)

Our infidelity test covers only one question that is written in three different ways. (see below).


If you question whether your significant other has been unfaithful since dating or marriage, the Basic "Cheater" Test is the best option as it casts a wide net over the entire relationship. The questions for the Basic "Cheater" Test are shown below.

Whether it’s your spouse, fiancée, partner, or exclusive, find out if they’re lying about having physical, or sexual contact with anyone other than you.

How Much Does It Cost?


The total price of a basic lie detection examination is between $400 -$500.00 which includes the same-day results and the report.


Before you schedule the appointment online, depending on the type of test, you will pay a non-refundable $200 to $250 retainer.


The retainer will be used to secure the date and time of your appointment. The remaining balance of $200-$250, is due at the time of the appointment.

You can change the appointment once before your scheduled appointment as long as I receive at least 48 hours' notice.


Any last-minute rescheduling, within the 48 hours of your appointment, will be subjected to an additional $200 rescheduling fee. Please note that you can only change your appointment one time.


How the Infidelity Test Works

The Most Accurate Lie Detector—Ever.

It requires more thought to lie than to tell the truth.

And, scientists found that when a person thinks more, there is an increase in cognitive load, which causes the eyes to react in very specific ways. These lying eye behaviors are involuntary and subtle, but they can be measured.

The eyes don’t lie.

Our technology is a computerized, 30-minute lie detection test that is non-obtrusive and easy to use. An infrared eye tracker monitors eye behavior while a person answers True/False questions on a computer screen. Pupil diameter, reading behaviors, eye fixations, blink rate, and other things are measured to come up with a credibility score.

The eyes are the window to the soul.

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Award Winning Polygraph Technology

Next Generation Lie Detector

86% - 91 % Accuracy Screening

“Polygraph examiners recognize that what makes today’s polygraph better than in years past is the addition of more and better data channels, advanced testing protocols, improved sensors, and inclusion of automation for more reliable testing and valid data analysis. In that vein, EyeDetect+ 2.0 represents the next step in polygraph’s evolution.”

Don Krapohl

Converus Advisory Board, former assistant director of NCCA, and former U.S. federal government polygraph examiner.

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