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Successfully Identifies Child that Stole $25,000 Worth of Mom’s Jewelry

Updated: Apr 21, 2022


One day a mother noticed $25,000 worth of her jewelry was missing. She asked her two children, ages 11 and 13, if they knew anything about it. The answer she received from one of the children was suspicious. Both children were home alone with their mother at the time of the theft. The parents tried everything to get the suspected child to confess, without success.


The family called for a eye lie detection for help identifying the guilty party. Peterson has 20 years of experience in law enforcement and 5 years of experience as a private investigator. His father was a police officer who worked as a polygraph examiner his entire career. Despite Peterson’s best efforts to get the suspected child to confess to the crime, Peterson quickly realized the child was not going to admit anything. Peterson then decided to conduct an EyeDetect test on each of the two children. Said Peterson, “I was a bit worried about administering EyeDetect tests to these children because of their young age, not knowing how well they would understand the test questions.”


At the conclusion of the test, one child passed the EyeDetect test with an 87 (credible score) and the other failed with a 14 (deception detected). When the child that failed was shown the test results, this child became emotional and told Peterson, “OK, I’ll tell you where it is.” “Both kids tested well, and we had a successful conclusion to this case,” Peterson said. “EyeDetect is a great tool for solving theft cases, and other cases involving investigations.”


The mother’s $25,000 worth of jewelry was successfully recovered.

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